Our vision is to accelerate the economic exchanges between the African public & private economic players with a level of security, traceability and speed that has never been equaled. We help them to implement Blockchain & Distributed Ledger in order to achieve critical data transactions.

Habib Bouchrara

CEO, cofounder

Born in Tunis in 1957, Habib Bouchrara has Invested for more than 30 years in the Management of companies and multidisciplinary Business Units (Electronics, IT, SW Development, Security Printing) and acted as Coach of Managers in multicultural environments (Europe and MEA) in B2B, Habib BOUCHRARA is the founder of HBNB Services.
After 10 years developing and selling document security solutions to African States, he launched the HBNB Blockchain Solution factory for the development and the deployment of Blockchain technology-based solutions in order to boost economical exchanges and secure and trace all sort of critical transactions in Africa.

Charles Kangnivi Azanlekor

Technical advisor, cofounder

As a cryptocurrency and Blockchain expert, Charles Azanlekor holds a degree in Telecom engineering from a French Engineering School.
Charles emerged into the Blockchain industry in 2013. Prior to fully indulging in Blockchain technology in 2015. He worked as a software engineer with Atos and subsequently as an IT Architect for companies like Renault, Carrefour, and French National Railway (SNCF) amongst others.
Recently, he relocated to Switzerland as an IT Consultant for the State of Geneva and IT Application Manager for the Register of Commerce and Justice Department of State of Vaud.






Our expertise will allow us to address all the security and traceability aspects of applications and customer environments as diversified as possible.



Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)



These technologies are the basement of our solutions. The Blockchain will provide the security of the exchanges data’s as well as their traceability specifically designed and customized to customer’s needs, environment and business processes.



The continuous education of our staff is one of our key successes for developing up-to-date solutions. This education is provided by the best Swiss experts on a continuous basis through on-line training best-cases analysis.

We offer trainings and seminars on the theme of the Blockchain technologies and their scopes to allow our customers :

  • to acquire the non-specialized and basic knowledge on this technology,
  • to understand the domains of your industry directly threatened the adoption of Blockchain,
  • to discover the various practices of Blockchain solutions in the world,
  • to realize what Blockchain can bring to the industry,
  • to continuously deepen the knowledge on the functioning of Blockchain.


We bring our customers the necessary expertise for:

  • Arrest the stakes in the Blockchain thanks to the interactive workshops,
  • Identify the use cases of Blockchain for customer’s organization,
  • Take advantage from new opportunities and already existing Blockchain projects to offer new solutions to our customers,
  • Study the feasibility and to estimate the budget for customer’s Blockchain projects,
  • Audit of existing or actual Blockchain projects.

Our consultancy competence is to bring operational/field experience to our customers in order build with them the best solution to their needs.


We provide our customers with technical support for:

  • The implementation and the development of prototype of Blockchain application,
  • The project management based on Blockchain,
  • The technologies with agile methodology
  • The implementation of a system architecture that handles private or public Blockchain network
  • The integration of the Blockchain & DLT solutions in existing customer’s IT environment

Our solution development is the customized response to customer’s needs.


La Blockchain Enterprise Ethereum

Le 28 février 2017, plusieurs acteurs de l’industrie pétrolière, financière et technologique ont lancé un consortium « Enterprise Ethereum Alliance ». L’objectif est de développer des standards d’utilisation de la Blockchain Ethereum dans les entreprises et de décliner une version privée de la plateforme Ethereum répondant aux besoins des entreprises.

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La Blockchain conçue pour la finance

Corda est un registre distribué conçu spécialement pour l’industrie financière.(banques, assurances…). Pour en savoir plus sur la Blockchain, référez-vous à cet article qui l’explique simplement.

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Introduction à la Blockchain

La Blockchain est un phénomène à la pointe de l’innovation. Le nombre de startups sur le sujet explose, les investisseurs mobilisent d’ores et déjà des sommes gigantesques, les banques et compagnies d’assurances créent des “labs” pour s’assurer de ne pas louper cette innovation.

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La Blockchain et l’ART

Par Nellie JEANNIN, co-fondatrice de Seezart

En l’espace de quelques années, le terme de blockchain s’est répandu comme une trainée de poudre et attire toute l’attention de l’écosystème startup, financier et tech…

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